PSY 9th Arrangements
PSY 9th Arrangements is an arrangement album focused on PSY's latest album '싸다9' | PSY 9th. It also celebrates the 10th anniversary of Gangnam Style, which quickly grew into a global viral hit. Every track from PSY 9th is arranged here, along with a few others picked from PSY's varied discography!


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  1. 69INTRO (feat. Lil Jon)
    Arrangement: Grambam36
  2. I Like That
    Arrangement: Jp
  3. 私の☆Celeb!
    Arrangement: beat_shobon
  4. Celeb Brainrot
    Arrangement: Grambam36
  5. U MooV ME
    Arrangement: Myeauxyoozi
  6. sleepy time
    Arrangement: Emily June
  7. Gratitude_and_Attitude.mid (feat. Microsoft Sam)
    Arrangement: SmokyThrill77
  8. 이제는 (Now) [ユーロビート MIX]
    Arrangement: EXT4NT
  9. oh look its another arrangement of 이제는 (Now)
    Arrangement: IzzyKart57
  10. happier ~ i wanna be
    Arrangement: Nikki+ & MtH
  11. Monday Once More 월요일다시한번
    Arrangement: Millennium Hero
  12. Everydayyyyyyyy
    Arrangement: ludosmo & Grambam36
  13. forEVER (beats to remember this moment to)
    Arrangement: Jiko Music
  14. Dear: Me from 2014
    Arrangement: someone2639
  15. GENTLEMAN (Twisted Mix)
    Arrangement: SHUTDOWN/Visualizer
  16. ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to a cool thing that you may need and is very cool (love),
    Arrangement: Memmy
    Special Thanks: minindo
  17. Gangnam District Vivid Starlight
    Arrangement: just brendan