B💣MBERTRACKS is an album focusing on arranges of classic Bomberman tunes both new and old, arranged by the folks at SGFR!! Featuring tracks ranging from the classic NES, all the way to the more recent Super Bomberman R, and even from the 2002-2003 anime, Bomberman Jetters.


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  1. 1 (info)
    Arrangement: DM DOKURO
  2. Loading... (info)
    Arrangement: Monochrome
  3. Welcome:『Bomberman』 (info)
    Arrangement: ludosmo
    Arrangement: Edgi
  5. EXPLOSIONS! CHAOS! (info)
    Arrangement: COCONABE
    Guitar: Sebastian Kingsley
  6. B-52 (info)
    Arrangement: Monochrome
  7. 7zip (info)
    Arrangement: itembox
  8. Dastardly Detonation (info)
    Arrangement: Monochrome
  9. Now departing for battle point... (info)
    Arrangement: Edgi
  10. HHHH (Hectic Hige Hige Heaven) (info)
    Arrangement: DM DOKURO
  11. Slam Jammin' Sea (info)
    Arrangement: livvy94
  12. Ceremony of Celebrations!! (info)
    Arrangement: ludosmo
  13. Wild Wild Bomber (info)
    Arrangement: DonnieTheGuy
  14. when the bomberman is on land idk ive never played the game (3) (info)
    Arrangement: Ellie53
  15. Planet Forest [ The Weather Channel Mix ] (info)
    Arrangement: Izzyience
  16. BOOM!! Thunderous Approach (info)
    Arrangement: Edgi
    Arrangement: DM DOKURO
  18. blowout (info)
    Arrangement: Monochrome
  19. 『OPTIONS』 (info)
    Arrangement: ludosmo
  20. Launch Codes (info)
    Arrangement: Monochrome
  21. d.u.d. (info)
    Arrangement: Edgi
  22. are you entertained???????????????????????? (info)
    Arrangement: Memmy
  23. FFFFFF|FF00AA (info)
    Arrangement: DM DOKURO
  24. WAHmberman (info)
    Arrangement: Monochrome
  25. opalesce (info)
    Arrangement: DM DOKURO
  26. Redial (I ran out of budget Mix) (info)
    Arrangement: SHUTDOWN/Visualizer
  27. LAST ONE STANDING (info)
    Arrangement: DM DOKURO
  28. voluminous, volatile void (info)
    Arrangement: DM DOKURO
  29. What's the DEAL with airline bombs??? (info)
    Arrangement: Smoky
  30. ̶O̶P̶T̶I̶O̶N̶S̶C̶O̶R̶E̶ (info)
    Arrangement: Midnight
  31. Can’t Defuse My Soul (info)
    Arrangement: Edgi
    Vocals: Eazy
  32. Chaos Bomber, Lord of the Four Commanders (info)
    Arrangement: Sebastian Kingsley
  33. Dreams of My Elegant Hero (info)
    Arrangement: Edgi, ludosmo, Sebastian Kingsley, rinaten, xinos
  34. love letter (info)
    Arrangement: ludosmo, Monochrome
    Vocals: akaru / indeterminant
  35. goodnight, bombergirl (info)
    Arrangement: itembox
  36. Redial Fusion Collab (info)
    Arrangement: Grambam & The Bombers
  37. Can’t Defuse My Soul (Instrumental) (info)
    Arrangement: Edgi
    (bonus track)


Cover art, logo, website assets and video thumbnail by Wyat_t.
Album trailer by ludosmo and livvy94.