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  1. Athletic Cartoons
    Arrangement: COCONABE
    Original Arrangement: Psycosis
    Arrangement: xinos
    Original Arrangement: toonlink, eg_9371
  3. I wonder what they're up to...
    Arrangement: Smoky
    Original Composer: MtH
  4. Super Grand Dad Bicycle Arrangement To Make Your Head Happy™ (For the faint of heart)
    Arrangement: Heboyi
    Original Arrangement: ZVAARI
  5. Circus
    Arrangement: treydog1357
  6. Metropolis Zone (According to a 13 year old with a laptop)
    Arrangement: ThisGreenDingo
    Original Arrangement: mellorine
  7. Bonus Fleent
    Arrangement: treydog1357
  8. New Super Bahrio Bahros. (Reprise)
    Arrangement: IzzyKart57
  9. The Paragoomba and the Wiggler
    Arrangement: 601billionlazer
    Original Arrangement: Cryptrik
    Vocals: vvsvlogs
  10. Saint Snowboarder
    Arrangement: Avolience
    Original Arrangement: Sonicheroesfan1
  11. Restless Heart
    Arrangement: Edgi
    Original Arrangement: toonlink
  12. The One With All The Round Blue Objects
    Arrangement: Atomnoise
    Original Arrangements: MtH, Jass
  13. "POWER" of "NEO"
    Arrangement: ScoobysStrongestSoldier
    Original Arrangement: Avolience
  14. Strike the WORLD!!
    Arrangement: Jp
    Original Arrangement: Truongasm
  15. You're Spinning Me In Hexagons!!
    Arrangement: BobTheTacocat
    Original Arrangement: megamanlego, RedScreen
  16. Stranger in the Jolly Roger Bay
    Arrangement: IzzyKart57
    Original Arrangements: Koghog, osse, Scooblee
  17. Return to Collision Clouds
    Arrangement: Kirbio
    Original Arrangement: MtH
  18. SiIva Grand CoIIection PIus VII
    Arrangement: Edgi
  19. jazzless
    Arrangement: BigBadBlob
    Original Composers: dante, wolfman1405, MtH, Chaze the Chat
  20. Wii Shop Swing
    Arrangement: Mitchell ft. Myeauxyoozi
    Original Arrangement: toonlink
  21. Everything You Need To Know To Rock Your Body Now
    Arrangement: KnightOfGames
  22. Paradise of Corridors
    Arrangement: ludosmo
    Original Arrangement: Jamangar
  23. The Fabled Bramble Blast Autotune Rap Mashup
    Arrangement: alan
    Original Arrangements: ChickenSuitGuy, toonlink, MtH
  24. Battery Romance Zone (Synthpop Remix)
    Arrangement: Mitchell
    Original Arrangement: Lakitwo
  25. Beware the Crystal Kingdom... IN THE ADVENTURE ZONE!!
    Arrangement: BigBadBlob
    Original Arrangement: Half Pixel
    Vocals: vvsvlogs
  26. tell me, pour it low
    Arrangement: xinos
    Original Arrangement: omknee
  27. Monochrome: Medley 215
    Arrangement: Edgi
    Original Arrangements: Eva Twin, Sean-Patrick
  28. hardly the first time bonus room blitz pal version has gone arrange
    Arrangement: Retro Gaming
    Original Arrangement: toonlink
  29. Lava Reef Jams
    Arrangement: IzzyKart57
    Original Arrangement: Chaze the Chat, Sonicheroesfan1, eg_9371
  30. the blue badger's mysterious and bad music box
    Arrangement: BigBadBlob
    Original Arrangement: xIncisions
  31. ¡Long Live the Steam Gardens!
    Arrangement: Madinstance
    Original Arrangement: New Guy
  32. legend of the mystical nutshack
    arrangement: the
    original arrangement: xincisions
  33. Fearful Medley
    Arrangement: Netyasha Roozi
  34. LD
    Arrangement: Ethan
    Original Composer: dante
  35. Truly Grand Proportions
    Arrangement: Aquacycle
    Original Composer: Nick Oleksiak
  36. A High Quality Hoedown!
    Arrangement: 601billionlazer
    Original Arrangements: ZVAARI, Chaze the Chat
  37. DIAMOND DISCOVERY (Mining Your Ores)
    Arrangement: Madinstance
    Original Arrangement: Moder112, Aquacycle, RHMan, KnightOfGames, ChickenSuitGuy, WholePunch
  38. Delfino Pachinko
    Arrangement: treydog1357
    Original Arrangement: MF PICKLE-O
  39. Ta-Ta-Tax Fraud! (feat. The Yodeling Gangster)
    Arrangement: Moola Mixtape, SHUTDOWN/Visualizer
    Original Arrangement & Lyrics: ingx24
    Vocals: SHUTDOWN/Visualizer
  40. discord si fuera una buena canción
    Arrangement: EXT4NT
    Original Arrangement: ChickenSuitGuy
  41. Dancing in the Moonlit Room
    Arrangement: Millennium Hero
    Original Arrangement: MonoGiraffe
  42. the race for a good connection
    Arrangement: EXT4NT, Cubiick
    Original Arrangement: sadkey
  43. Practice
    Arrangement: Expensive Dispenser
    Original Arrangement: sadkey
  44. The grandest park you've ever been to
    Arrangement: YourBirthCertificate
  45. Apple Approaching
    Arrangement: Jamangar
    Original Arrangement: Sarvéproductions
  46. Ripple Deluxe (Pudding Plains)
    Arrangement: Moola Mixtape
    Original Composer: mellorine
  47. hello utub welcme 2 my pokemon hg lets play
    Arrangement: Tina the Cyclops girl
    Original Arrangement: Jiko Music
  48. The band was told to play "Hydrocity Zone".
    Arrangement: Midnight
    Original Arrangements: KnightOfGames, ChickenSuitGuy
    Performed by: Midnight, Ashiko
  49. Jeopardy! (Indonesian PAL Version)
    Arrangement: Amarin
    Original Arrangements: lonk, Aquacycle, Spanky
  50. We Fall ...for Rip Squared
    Arrangement: Sebastian Kingsley
    Original Arrangement: Smoky
    Original Performance: Crappy Blue
  51. Yearning for the Tournaments of Yesteryear
    Arrangement: BigBadBlob
    Original Composers: dante, wolfman1405
    Original Arrangements: Jp, Anonite
  52. Mute City Ver. 3
    Arrangement: ludosmo
    Original Arrangement: beat_shobon (ft. Wobble, The Fans, Solid STRGG, toonlink, Blue Fairy, trivial171, livvy94, SkopioXV2, megamanlego, King, Maggie, wolfman1405, Sonicheroesfan1, Half Pixel, CrystalForce, Marioshi), reach
  53. SuperMarioLoganRPG
    Arrangement: treydog1357
    Original Arrangement: Bruh de la Boi, RHMan
  54. What Nintendon't (Next Level Mix)
    Arrangement: Mikroscopic
  55. Winter Holiday at Route 216 -HQ Edit-
    Arrangement: Kirbio
    Original Arrangements: Nape Mango, cookiefonster, Jiko Music, wheel able
  56. Remembered, Forgotten, and Remembered Again
    Arrangement: RHMan
    Original Arrangements: Chango, ChickenSuitGuy, RHMan
  57. Blimey! The Australian Feline
    Arrangement: Millennium Hero
    Original Arrangement: Retro Gaming
  58. The Hill Top Where No One Came Back
    Arrangement: IzzyKart57
    Original Arrangement: Mr Lange
  59. GABBER ALL DAY (American Box Art Kirby's Xtreme Edition)
    Arrangement: KnightOfGames
    Original Arrangement: eg_9371
  60. Spongetastic Squarefunk
    Arrangement: DonnieTheGuy
    Original Arrangement: ChristopherLry
  61. a confession to you.
    Arrangement: Navag8r
    Original Arrangement: Navag8r
  62. :3
    Arrangement: Memmy
    Original Arrangement: Eva Twin, eg_9371
  63. A Puzzling Counterattack!
    Arrangement: PsychLantern
    Original Arrangement: andrés
  64. Let's Play Some Games!!
    Arrangement: athenamite
    Original Arrangement: Tina the Cyclops girl
  65. Grand Dead!?
    Arrangement: Aquacycle
    Original Arrangement: Krizis, Expensive Dispenser
  66. Amongst the Drip Drop Undertows
    Arrangement: Heboyi
    Original Arrangement: Myeauxyoozi
  67. Luigi takes a swim in the medieval times?
    Arrangement: athenamite
    Original Arrangement: Myeauxyoozi
  68. Extraterrestrial Nature
    Arrangement: treydog1357
    Original Arrangement: Fezaki
  69. Cakehole Research Laboratory
    Arrangement: minindo
    Original Arrangement: Grambam36
  70. Puzzle Puff Galaxy (ピーナッツバター Mix)
    Arrangement: PileOfBoxes
    Original Arrangement: Pan
    Arrangement: vvsvlogs
    Original Arrangement: KnightOfGames
  72. pp&&orruh p@lla$$e
    Arrangement: KnightOfGames
    Original Arrangement: C-Man
  73. lady (baile kitty mix)
    Arrangement: ChickenSuitGuy
    Original Arrangement: duuzu
  74. Fuck Love Country (Alpha Mix)
    Arrangement: Midnight, OnBP
    Original Arrangement: Expensive Dispenser
  75. I have places to go
    Arrangement: xinos
    Original Arrangement: Jamangar
    Arrangement: BobTheTacocat
    Original Arrangement: ChickenSuitGuy
  77. Welcome to the Gaylord Resort!
    Arrangement: Mochi
    Original Arrangement: New Guy
  78. Every personalised copy of Super Mario 64 cannot be shared
    Arrangement: Snowva
    Original Arrangement: beardfear
  79. There Appears to be a Blue Sky on the Horizon!
    Arrangement: Ellie53
    Original Arrangement: Smoky
  80. She Asked Me How to Play Chess
    Arrangement: Kithe
    Original Arrangement: vvsvlogs
  81. Massacre in the Kitchen
    Arrangement: Grambam36
    Original Arrangement: ThisGreenDingo
  82. Saul Defends The Runaway Five
    Arrangement: Midnight
    Original Arrangement: lonk
  83. Super Idol's Adventure
    Arrangement: Ellie53
    Original Arrangement: Sarvéproductions
  84. The Knight Sees Sunlight for the First Time
    Arrangement: Midnight
    Original Arrangement: Blookerstein
  85. FUNKY [[Dealmaker]]!!
    Arrangement: rinaten
    Original Arrangement: pmf95k
  86. HE CAN DO IT
    Arrangement: Bongo and the Friendly Bear
    Original Arrangement: Heboyi
  87. Bear Mania!
    Arrangement: Sarvéproductions
    Original Arrangement: RHMan
  88. shikijika no uta
    Arrangement: rinaten
    Original Arrangement: Father Sheep
  89. A Celestial Evening
    Arrangement: ItsGameBoy
    Original Arrangement: Vincent Mashups
  90. The Summers Are Cold in the Forest Interlude (Excursions Tribute Remix)
    Arrangement: IzzyKart57
    Arrangement: treydog1357
    Original Arrangements: Memmy, Retro Gaming, Nozobot
  92. The Raft Ride of Terror
    Arrangement: BigBadBlob
    Original Arrangements: minindo, Ellie53, Boob Chungus
  93. You Are Now In the Space Quadrant [Bad Future] (Beta Mix) (Beta Mix)
    Arrangement (Beta Mix): There's nothing happening (Reunion Mix) (With Friends) (Beta Mix)
    Original Composers (Beta Mix): Hidenori Shoji, NicoCW, Have Fun Teaching, Gracie's Corner, Hinchy, Nozobot, Markiplier, Michael Tavera, Toby Fox, Rednex, Jun Senoue, Lunaxis, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, George Thorogood & the Destroyers, PPLEKN, Lady Gaga, LHUGUENY, GS Boyz, Hoyt Curtin, Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow, Georges Bizet, Doug Walker, Cardi B, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Chase Beck, Trippie Redd, Playboi Carti, Adam Levine, AdamzoneTopMarks, Os Barões da Pisadinha, Baauer, PSY, Walter Murphy, verbalase, The Lonely Island, Akon, Daniel Ingram, Bhad Bhabie, Foo Fighters, POPSTARBILLS, Wiz Khalifa, Excision, Maggie, Chaze the Chat
    Original Arrangement (Beta Mix): IzzyKart57
  94. March of the Fleas!
    Arrangement: Sebastian Kingsley
    Original Arrangement: Madinstance
  95. Twin Souls CHANGE The World
    Arrangement: Edgi
    Original Arrangement: toonlink