Hey, I know it's late
You're probably not awake
Wish you'd pick up your phone
Texting ain't that great

I haven't seen you babe
Been working through the night
Can't feel your warm embrace
And Lord, that ain't right

I can't give up here, my love is at stake
And we won't survive the year
Maybe I'm saving face and I just miss you babe
But know this one thing darling...
Hit it boys!

Even through the thick and thin I'll always be your man (be your man)
And when we cross the street, I'll be there to hold your hand (hold your hand)
When life gets down... oh turn that frown upside down 'cause (la-la-la)
I'll get my pom poms and cheer you on, you know I'm your biggest fan (ooooo ohhhhhh I’m your biggest fan)

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by Ariel's Krush
Composition: Snowva, OnBP
Performed by: OnBP, Expensive Dispenser, Aquacycle, Retro Gaming