Tactical Stealth Arrangements
Kept you waiting, huh? Tactical Stealth Arrangements is a collection of arrangements celebrating the incredibly influential and subversive Metal Gear franchise. Tracks are sourced from various corners of the series, including the MSX version of the original game, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and even METAL GEAR AC!D.


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  1. Pinnacle of Flames (Platinum Mix)
    Arrangement: Rom M
  2. Nuclear (Wild)
    Arrangement: POST ELVIS
  3. The Mission, Beginnings
    Arrangement: ludosmo
  4. DEAD CELL!!!
    Arrangement: Myeauxyoozi
  5. The Only Thing I Know For Real (Blancblack Mix)
    Arrangement: Sebastian Kingsley
  6. I'm My Own Master Now (Electronica Mix)
    Arrangement: Edgi
  7. dark·ness in·fil·tra·tion
    Arrangement: ludosmo
  8. Duel Time!
    Arrangement: IzzyKart57
  9. DANCE BATTLE With RAVE Personified
    Arrangement: Emily June
  10. Jungle Caution (Arisen Mix)
    Arrangement: SHUTDOWN/Visualizer
  11. Tara Are You Okay?
    Arrangement: ludosmo
  12. Inevitable Encounter Cast In Shadow: Red Alert
    Arrangement: Sebastian Kingsley
  13. Passing Through the Poor Weather
    Arrangement: atohacya
  14. way to fall guys
    Arrangement: Memmy
    Arrangement: YourBirthCertificate
  16. Claire in the Twilight (feat. Michael Jaguar & ATCQ)
    Arrangement: Sebastian Kingsley
  17. Solid Cowbell
    Arrangement: Amarin
  18. Gun Twirling Type Beat (Prod. DJ SOLID SNAKE)
    Arrangement: Snowva
  19. Proof of Our Existence ~ Father & Son
    Arrangement: Sebastian Kingsley
  20. The Night Will Go On
    Arrangement: ludosmo
    Vocals: carimelle
  21. Good night, Snake... sweet dreams
    Arrangement: Smoky
  22. Tara Are You Okay? (Instrumental)
    Arrangement: ludosmo