she used to be so kind hearted. her own kingdom was blooming.

only to end up falling.

a disastrous figure, moonstruck within her own right.
chaos emerged. her own shadow replacing her former self.

The mirror corrupted her, creating a growing obsession with beauty and power that lead to her downfall, and everything was lost.
her own realities erased.

she became the being that brought terror.
becoming abusive and affecting everyone around her.

lethiferous. disastrous. lethal.

she only wanted eternal beauty.

"if only it was meant to be..."

Lovely fate
Infernal world of heaven
Do you feel my pain?
I thought it was an expression...

Flame in my heart
Everlasting beauty
We only grew apart
Will I ever be the same again?

Darkness falls
Ashamed of their suffering
All the screams tear away
The moonlight will be glimmering

Maybe this war
Prevailed my own downfall
Cannot do this anymore
Seems like I strayed from this harmony

Voices of sorrow and terror
Wish I could dawn again
Depend on this world-
It’s cold, this light is so shattered

Darkness falls and this heaven
My soul goes weak, farewell...
Please take care of this world
Endlessly burned away...

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Arrangement: ludosmo
Vocals: Mini Mint